Summertime in the Emergency Room, published by Calamari Archive, 5.1.2022

The Great American Suction,
published by Tyrant Books, 2.26.2019

Griefers” Juked 1.6.2023
Theories for the Eternal Dog” Socrates on the Beach 3
Slung Out and Wayward” Hobart, 8.6.2021
“Magellan” Pets: An Anthology (Tyrant Books)
“The Blister Sisters” TRNSFR 7
Other Idahos” The Rupture, No. 105
Beatrice and Bone” Washington Square Review, No. 42; reprinted in Sleepingfish
Our Lady of Bleak Hearts” New York Tyrant, 2.26.2018
“A Kind of Swimming” Juked 13
The Rim” Okey-Panky/Electric Literature, 4.4.2016
Gunderson All in One Place” Hobart 15
“Superior Parachutes” Green Mountains Review, Vol. XXVI, No. 1
The Vast Human Whatnot” The American Reader, Vol. 1, No. 8
“Riley in Light” Juked, 6.19.2012
“Some Handsome” The New York Tyrant, Vol. III, No. III
“Gunderson Unlarged” Green Mountains Review, Vol. XXIV, No. 1
“Landmarks” The New York Tyrant, Vol. II, No. II
“The Corporate Body” disClosure 15
Melancholera” Open City 21

Shaker’s initial lapse into semi-sobriety…” The Talking Book, 4.24.2019
On the Yard” Hobart, 3.16.2019
Puffers” New York Tyrant, 2.26.2019
The Howitzer” Juked, 2.24.2019
Bombs Away” The Nervous Breakdown, 2.1.2019
“It’s August Out There, Shaker” Juked, 10.24.2015
“Hearts in Twilight and Heatstroke” NOO Journal 16

Book Notes/Playlist for Summertime in the Emergency Room” Largehearted Boy, 1.30.2023
He Trusted the Author: Remembering Giancarlo Ditrapano” (contributor) The Believer, 4.6.2021
An Apocalypse of Hugs” 3:AM Magazine, 5.4.2020
A Writer in His Own Worst Way: Two Days Across Pittsburgh with Gary Lutz” 3:AM Magazine, 12.1.2019
Sam Lipsyte Confronts the Apocalyptic Minutia” Vice, 1.11.2019
“A Few Scattered Thoughts on Some Films with Hotels…” Hobart, 3.24.2014

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