“When it comes to David Nutt, the only thing I love more than his sharp, inventive, and seismically funny style is the deep humanity from which it springs. His is a brilliant and much needed voice in these sad, ridiculous times.” — Sam Lipsyte, author of Hark and The Ask

David Nutt was born in 1977. He is a former newspaper reporter and copy editor, speechwriter, substitute teacher, executive assistant, administrative assistant, electrician’s assistant, office gopher, dishwasher, grocery stocker, part-time burger flipper, begrudging paperboy, and sometime musician. But not a neuropsychopharmacologist.

He is a graduate of the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Syracuse University. He lives in Ithaca, New York, with his wife, the writer Gina Nutt, and a very lonely cat.

His novel, The Great American Suction, was published by Tyrant Books in 2019.

His short-story collection, Summertime in the Emergency Room, was released by Calamari Archive in May 2022. Find it here and here.

David Nutt—Summertime in the Emergency Room_FRONT

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